IDwall: Automated and Secured Customer Onboarding

With the transactional value in fintech surpassing $42.576 Bn in 2017 as per Statista, an online market research portal, Brazil has indeed emerged as one of the leading fintech markets in the world. One of the primary drivers for the growth of regtech market is the increasing cases of credential fraud in the country which amounted to a loss of more than $3 Bn, making Brazil the hotbed for financial fraud. With the prevalence of such harrowing conditions, the financial and banking institutions are indeed in dire need of effective regtech solutions. Addressing this imminent necessity is IDwall, an IT security firm providing proven identity validation and fraud prevention solutions in a reliable and automated fashion.

Although conceived in 2016, IDwall through its suite of effective solutions has emerged as one of the most promising regtech solutions company for the banking, financial and transportation industry. IDwall offers Face Match, a facial recognition technology that reduces the risk of personize frauds by making an intelligent comparison of the photo used in the document with the selfie taken at the time of registration. Background Check solution that performs complete know your customer (KYC) process by making an extensive search of over 150 public and private data sources automatically. Document Validation, a powerful tool that uses forensic analysis, namely optical character recognition (OCR) to provide automated extraction and validation of data., Lastly, ID Network, a unique platform for sharing pivotal information between the clients and their customers to detect any cases of suspicious profiles. “Our extensive solutions address the complete onboarding process of the customers, ranging from identity validation, fake documents detection, to precise measurements of risks that a customer presents to the business,” states Lincoln Ando, Founder, IDwall.

What makes these solutions impeccable is IDwall’s unique methodology. When a client approaches IDwall, it first makes a detailed understanding of the compliances and regulations that they need to ensure. Once comprehended, it then offers customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with the client’s stream. The solutions are implemented through a REST API, enabling simple and quick integration within a brief span of just 2-3 days. .

As a result, IDwall’s solutions not only empower clients with a speedy on-boarding process but also contribute to a significant reduction of false positives and frauds. “Our solutions facilitate an increased accuracy and automation of the on-boarding process, empowering our clients to increase their customer base,” remarks Ando.

Our solutions facilitate an increased accuracy and automation of the on-boarding process, empowering our clients to increase their customer base

The effectiveness of IDwall’s solutions can be illustrated by their partnership with some of the leading transportation, banking, and fintech firms in Brazil. A case, for instance, is IDwall’s solution to 99, the fastest growing ride-hailing mobile service in Brazil. Before approaching IDwall, although 99 had received a big round of investment, it still could not grow its operations, as it was unable to check and validate drivers in the many complex and old Brazilian public institutions. Enter IDwall; it helped them automate their complete identity validation process in a highly integrative fashion. Thus, helping 99 swiftly grow its operations to the whole of Brazil.

As IDwall moves ahead, it is fuelled with the ambition to expand its ID validation solution to the whole of Brazil, covering all the 27 different types of IDs. It also looks forward to exploring the application of blockchain solutions to KYC process, and develop a device to facilitate physical validation of identities. As 2018 nears, IDwall’s pen-ultimate goal for next year is to become the market leader in Brazil and expand its solution to the South American continent.