Top RegTech Solution Companies
KIND Financial: A Sure-Fire Way to Manage Cannabis Compliance

Top 10 RegTech Solution Companies - 2019

Dubbed as the new fintech, regtech’s growth prospects remain strong as it continues to disrupt the regulatory landscape by providing technologically advanced solutions to cater to the ever-increasing demands of compliance within the financial industry. Financial companies are undertaking reviews of their overall compliance strategies in line with the growing emphasis on consumer rights and data privacy, as demonstrated by the Global Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

The bar is set higher for participants in financial markets across the globe in terms of the standards of regulatory behavior. To enforce those standards, regulators continue to seek greater transparency through regulations such as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II while also introducing new surveillance systems such as the consolidated audit trail in the U.S. Financial industry regulators are taking a more vested interest in regtech sandboxes as fintech and regtech are closely related, being fast-growing, highly creative fields. Advances in one sector often find immediate application in the other.

As the regulatory industry adopts a more granular and data-driven approach to supervision, financial institutions need to keep up with ongoing regulatory challenges through the use of emerging technologies in regtech. Not to be left behind in the technology race, regtech solution providers are enabling automation of risk management and compliance processes through big data analytics, real-time reporting, and cloud. On a global scale, banks are employing regtech solutions for e-know-your-customer and real-time anti-money laundering screening, AI/ML-based fraud prevention, and real-time compliance monitoring.

The adoption level of regtech solutions has increased in banks primarily in the areas of advanced risk management and end-to-end automated reporting. In the anti-money laundering sector of finance, the emphasis continues to be on cost reduction with regtechs offering solutions that can reduce the number of false positives, allowing compliance and risk professionals to focus their time on real issues.

In a nutshell, regtech operates across various spheres in financial and regulatory space, including employee surveillance, compliance data management, fraud prevention, and audit trail. Financial services firms are using every resource at their disposal, especially advanced regulatory technology, to maintain compliance while looking for new ways to establish a competitive advantage.

This edition of Banking CIO Outlook lists regtech solution providers that are making a mark in this regard. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Banking CIO Outlook’s editorial board has selected a list of the top regtech solution providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to drive client success. We present to you Banking CIO Outlook's “Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top RegTech Solution Companies

  • Cisive is a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions. The company’s core onboarding and pre-employment background screening offering provide clients with a streamlined, high quality, and regulatory compliant solution. Comprehensive services include background screening, vendor/contractor screening, executive screening, drug testing, fingerprinting, paperless onboarding and electronic Form I-9/E-Verify solutions. Cisive is recognized by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and was named for the second consecutive year by HRO Today to the 2018 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction rankings as one of the Top Pre-Employment Screening Providers

  • Cognive offers unified cognitive ecosystem powered by Active AI and Distributed protocols to ensure regulatory requirements are met by financial firms. The company provides unified cognitive ecosystem—Human Enhancement Artificial Technology platform (HEAT) that functions as an end-to-end analytics platform that integrates financial processes and employees’ information into a holistic AML system by extracting all the relevant insights from internal and external sources. Additionally, HEAT platform generates detailed and structured reports and transforms all the data and events into granulated knowledge to form the basis of the Active AI mechanism that activates the real-time decision-making process

  • Being in pursuit of easier, faster, and smarter options, CrownPeak provides brilliantly simple solutions which empower the guests to deliver exceptional experiences across various digital presences. CrownPeak wholeheartedly believes that deploying and managing digital issues should be simplified even in complex landscapes. The company’s core and mission is to eliminate the barriers associated with digital transformation proposals. By helping our customers connect and engage on a deeper level with solutions that are architected to be future-proof, CrownPeak consistently embraces cutting-edge technology and invests in the most modern expertise

  • InfoCert is the largest Certification Authority in Europe, a renowned provider of digital transactions management (DTM) solutions and trusted services. In the past 15 years, InfoCert served more than 2.000 corporate customers in more than 20 countries. InfoCert holds a significant number of patents in the “digital trust” space while the ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 certifications testify their commitment to the highest level of quality in the provision of services and in the management of IT security. Headquarted in Italy, InfoCert holds a 51% stake in Camerfirma, the leading certification authority in Spain, and 50% in LuxTrust, the leading Trust Services Provider in Luxembourg

  • iSPIRAL IT Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of regtech software solutions. They are a boutique-style software company delivering tailored solutions for resolving specific client problems. iSPIRAL takes a holistic approach to KYC and AML that can handle the entire on boarding process to ensure that their clients can attain regulatory compliance. They calculate the risk rating for both individual and legal entities with intelligent algorithm. The company’s expert compliance team comprehends the dynamic regulatory global landscape to provide the right input to the developers to incorporate the changes into the software

  • KINDMANAGE provides compliance and financial technology solutions for cultivators, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. KIND's platforms empower the cannabis industry to transact safely and securely while operating in compliance with the laws, guidelines and regulations that govern its operations. KIND's seed to sale software, Agrisoft, manages the entire cannabis-business life-cycle from producers/growers to the dispensaries and through to the bank. KIND's cloud-based software suite is designed to help producers and dispensaries become more efficient and transparent to streamline accountability, tax collection and ultimately prevent the diversion of legal cannabis

  • Identifying the increasing money laundering activities globally, KYC Global Technologies, an AML screening and client lifecycle risk management technology supplier provides industry-best audit capture and reporting solutions. These novel RegTech tools are designed with the capability to help businesses to manage financial crime risk effectively whilst driving improved standards of risk governance. The company renders the world’s first 3D risk-based batch screening solution, RiskScreen BATCH enabling businesses to batch screen their entire customer base against the world-leading Dow Jones datasets in a fully risk based fashion. It is incorporated with speedy 'bulk match' process for handling potential hits, complete workflow and audit capture capability, laser-sharp MI and reporting

  • As a RegTech organization staying abreast of the latest developments in the blockchain arena, QRC Group invests in and guides startups, while aiding them in meeting their regulatory and compliance requirements. The aim of ensuring organizational compliance with existing blockchain regulations drives the company’s team of experts to find, support, and invest in innovative RegTech solutions that streamline business operations. QRC simplifies business operations for clients with its advanced KYC/AML compliance tools, risk management software, and even offers an innovative cryptocurrency wallet, which handles over 20 types of cryptocurrencies. In addition, QRC confidently treads the narrow line between corporate and academia by forming an Institute as part of its business



    ACTICO is a leading international provider of software for intelligent automation and digital decision-making. The company provides best-in-class software and tools used across multiple industries, enhancing decision-making and end-to-end automation. Used to manage risks, fulfil regulatory compliance obligations, prevent fraud, and improve digital customer engagement, ACTICO solutions combine human knowledge and AI with powerful automation technology. The adaptive, cloud-architected software helps companies to gain agility, achieve business excellence and attain higher customer satisfaction. ACTICO has a proven ability to handle a large volume of data and build reliable, robust and scalable applications

  • Automated Financial Systems

    Automated Financial Systems

    Energized with experience, expertise and dedication, Automated Financial Systems is devoted to innovation necessary to compete. AFS formulates a lending process based on its straight-through model, on-demand technology and services, giving more importance to relationship more than just an implementation project or an assessment of functionalities. The company partners with its client base some ranging for more than two decades and enhance the scope by multiple engagements to ensure the mutual benefit of both institutions. AFS offers advice, insight, and best-practice consultation, in addition to its unique lending solutions