InfoCert: Adding Trust to Digital Transactions

Carmine Auletta, Chief innovation and Strategy Officer, InfoCertCarmine Auletta, Chief innovation and Strategy Officer
The success of a business rests on a plethora of factors. One of the major contributors is trust. Trust is essential for our society to function and its role is even more critical in the digital world, where nefarious activities are on the rise; a trustworthy source to ensure secure business transactions online is vital. To achieve this, organizations have the chance to employ third-party entities that help facilitate a compliant and secure transaction experience among them. However, the rise of new and stringent regulated frameworks for digital identities and digital trust services across the globe has created a slew of complexities and technological challenges. To address these issues, organizations need a reliable pool of experts who understand the nuances of regulatory frameworks and help them build a secure environment able to provide the advanced UX customers are expecting today while guaranteeing full compliance with country-specific and sector-specific laws and regulations. That is precisely where InfoCert marks its presence in the Regtech landscape. “Our ultimate mission is to simplify transactions among businesses as a trusted third party that manages, on their behalf, all the complexity related to compliance in order to always guarantee a secure and legally binding exchange,” says Carmine Auletta, chief of strategy and innovation at InfoCert after a long career spent in the ICT sector both in the US and Europe.

Established in 2007, InfoCert has grown to become the largest certification authority in Europe, offering digital transactions management (DTM) solutions. Acting as a notary of sorts for the digital world, the company focuses on improving and advancing the regulatory compliance of organizations and guides them toward an ecosystem of digital trust. “On a daily basis, our team of highly experienced Regtech professionals helps organizations in over 20 countries manage their online transactions,” expresses Auletta. With their Digital Trust Foundation platform, InfoCert manages millions of legally binding transactions per day among a variety of different industries. Through advanced identity assertion tools, multifactor authentication software, e-signature services, and streamlined transaction audit trails, the company ensures best-in-class security to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Additionally, by leveraging IoT-based technologies, the company is able to manage legally binding transactions even among connected devices. “IoT transactions are increasing at a fast pace across all industries. We have machines that communicate with each other and automatically conduct transactions as a backend workflow process,” states Auletta.

Our ultimate mission is to simplify transactions among businesses as a trusted third party that manages, on their behalf, all the complexity related to compliance in order to always guarantee a secure and legally binding exchange

To this end, InfoCert offers solutions to guarantee identity of connected devices in supply chains to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of exchanged data in order to guarantee the non-repudiation of whatever type of transaction. InfoCert also supports its corporate clients to digitally transform their business processes through a comprehensive customer onboarding set of solutions that expeditiously reforms whatever paper-based transactional business into a safer, compliant, and technology-driven process.

Auletta and his team believe that compliance policies need to be addressed with a rigorous but, at the same time, opportunistic approach. This empowers them to innovate the best solutions and platforms to not only improve a client’s B2B transactions but enhance customer and user experiences (CX and UX respectively) for B2C business as well. InfoCert’s regulatory expertise helps users stay compliant according to European-wide and/or country-specific policies.

To further elucidate on the company’s capabilities, Auletta recalls a case study where InfoCert provided their services to ING Bank, a Dutch banking group. The client needed a customer onboarding system for online banking products. InfoCert studied the needs of ING and the digital regulatory framework according to KYC/AML/GDPR to design a solution that mitigates the risk of fraud and offers customers the most advanced UX in the market. “Within a few months, we developed a mobile-centric application that is compliant, secure and highly efficient. Users can actively conduct banking processes with minimal waiting time and maximum efficiency for the bank,” explains Auletta. With the help of InfoCert’s solution, ING Bank’s customers could request for a loan and have it sanctioned in less than five minutes, which helped improve the client’s overall CX dramatically.

Moving forward, InfoCert is going to continue developing regulatory compliance solutions and DTM software thanks to its proven innovation engine. The company has filed for 17 patents only in the past two years and has been mentioned in the recent Gartner report “Innovation Insight for Decentralized and Blockchain Identity Services” of June 2019 as a leading provider able to bridge digital trust regulatory frameworks with decentralized blockchain-based identity schemas. As already the digital trust champion in the European landscape, the company intends to perforate global markets as well. Outside of Europe, InfoCert is witnessing a very interesting growth trend in the Latin American region where the opening of a second office is planned before the summer. All this explains why the company is enthusiastic about the future of digital trust as a necessary tool to secure digital transactions among organizations across the globe.

InfoCert News

InfoCert and VERIMI Sign a Commercial Partnership to Expand and Strengthen Digital Services Offered by the Platform in Germany

Rome: InfoCert (Tinexta Group), the largest Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe, and VERIMI, the new German digital identity platform, have announced that they have signed a business partnership aimed at issuing qualified InfoCert electronic signature certificates to users in Germany who have a digital identity issued by VERIMI.

Designed as a platform for digital identity, trust and authentication services, VERIMI offers users a Single Sign-On, cross-industry solution, with which they can register and access numerous services in various areas such as, for example, e-commerce, banking or insurance: VERIMI guarantees a convenient, secure and transparent management of their personal data on the web. VERIMI is used by customers of major companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Postbank and Allianz.

At the same time, VERIMI – by simplifying the registration and on-boarding phases in part by integrating InfoCert technology – gives companies the opportunity to improve their relationships with their customers and increase onboarding conversion rates. In particular, thanks to the agreement with InfoCert, users and companies that choose the VERIMI platform can benefit from the additional services related to qualified electronic signatures.

The strength of VERIMI’s business plan is also the result of the solidity of its shareholder structure, which includes several important companies such as Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Samsung and Volkswagen Financial Services.

Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert (Tinexta Group) said that: “We are very pleased with the agreement signed with VERIMI. First of all, because it confirms the leadership and the capability of fully integrating, commercially and technologically, our innovative solutions into the digital services offered by our partners. Furthermore, because the choice of VERIMI – and the prestige of its shareholders – attests to the reliability of InfoCert and the role played at a European level in Digital Transformation. Finally, because this collaboration is a confirmation of our international development strategy and is a milestone in a market with an enormous potential such as the German one.”

Roland Adrian, Managing Director of Verimi commented: “The cooperation with InfoCert enables us to offer qualified electronic signatures to all Verimi users. We chose InfoCert as a reliable partner in Europe due to their distinguished reputation in the field of digital trust services. As an identity platform, Verimi is always looking to form solid partnerships with players in Europe, to offer services around the digital identity more efficiently to our users.”